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Awen Spirit Healing 
Shamanic Crystal Reiki, Past Life Regression,

Ritual & Divination

What is Awen?

Awen is the name given to the ancient and magical Celtic Spirit of Healing.

Awen translates to “divine inspiration” or “flowing breath.” It is a mystical force that offers us a moment where there is a sudden surge in newfound knowledge, inspired thought, the ability to awaken our dormant talents, and a sense that before we were given the gift of Awen, we were like sleepwalkers. Awen is a moment where life is forever changed, and once we drink of Awen, or feel it as a beam of divine light entering us and changing us, we can never return to who we were, and world is never the same again. —Lucy Cavendish, from The Faery Forest Oracle.

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Victoria is a practicing Shamanic Reiki Master, Past Life Hypnotherapist and Certified Crystal Healer living in Brooklyn, NY.  She received her Masters Degree in Education and holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Psychology and Literature from UT Austin. Victoria has always been passionate about understanding and bettering the lives of others and healing the planet.  Victoria worked for 20 as a behavioral and developmental therapist supporting children with autism and other developmental delays and their families. Through this work she gained compassion and a deep understanding of human behavior and how to support those in need.  


Victoria is grateful and inspired to be able to provide healing to others now through the world of energy and spirit and to deepen her understanding of the world as energy and of the human as a body of light.  Victoria uses reiki, shamanic practices, hypnotherapy, sound and crystal healing, and color and aroma therapy to delve deeply into the realms of energy. She regularly provides channeled and empathic guidance, auric clearings, cord cutting, chakra balancing and past life journeys to support release of stored traumas, stress, and grief, providing healing on a karmic level. 


Victoria received her Shamanic Reiki Mastership at Omega Institute from Llyn Roberts of Shamanic Reiki Worldwide whose books include Shamanic Reiki, Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness, and Speaking with Nature: Awakening the Deep Wisdom of the Earth.


Victoria completed her Professional Past Life Therapy Training at Omega Institute with Brian Weiss, world renowned teacher and best-selling author of Many Lives Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing, and Only Love is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited.

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